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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 6, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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now at noon, during hours of freezing temperatures thousands of east bay residents were left in the dark and cold. the latest on the massive power outage and what officials believe caused it. the rivalry is already heating up ahead of the niners- seahawks game. we will tell you what the 49ers are asking of their fans as they gear up for the sunday show down. plus a police car rear- ended in san jose, why they are crediting a fast acting security guard with helping
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catch the suspect. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> and good afternoon, everybody, i am brian flors in for tori campbell. parts of the bay area woke up to another morning of freezing temperatures a live look toward mt. diablo and things aspear to be warm in up ever so slightly. rosemary orosco has been monitoring the cold weather and joins us with the cold temperatures. >> yes, good afternoon to you. we started today just like yesterday, the freeze warning temperatures sinking into the 20s in some cases. we broke a few records. and this point still struggling. take a look at these numbers, 40s fairfield and concord, mid- 40s napa, north bay temperatures 30s to mid-40s, 35 degrees there, 45 hillsburg. 44 pet a loom aalong the peninsula a little better,
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upper 40s to low 50s, 50 degrees palo alto, mid-40s walnut creek, low 40s brentwood, 49 san ramon and temperatures are expected to warm two to three degrees more for the entire day. as we move forward you may have already noticed an increase in clouds moving through the bay area and if you look to the north we have changes coming. by tonight rain will move in and with this cold air mass in place we have the possibility of snow in our local hills so i will have a time line on this rain, how much i expect we will get and how long it is going to last along with your bay area weekend forecast. >> we will see you then. it was a cold dark start to the day in venetia, a power outage remains for one partth city and pg&e crews are working to fix the problem, a problem that was much bigger hours ago. claudine wong reports on how some businesses even lost money today. >> reporter: instead of a hot cup of joe this morning regular starbuck's customers were met with this, a dark store and a
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sign from the manager saying no power means no coffee. >> we don't know that the power is shut down, so. >> no coffee. >> no. >> across the way inside his truck sat the owner of the huckleberry's restaurant, he got word when he woke up the power was out and was just hoping the problem would be fixed soon. >> frustrated. >> a tad. i keep my composure pretty well. >> until -- >> until the window -- >> for how long? how much longer? should we come back and check on you at 7:00 and 8:00. >> if you come back and i am still here in the truck at 8:00 i am not going to be happy. >> well, guess what? 8:00 came and went. >> it will be a while gentlemen. >> they went elsewhere. >> will you come back tomorrow? >> absolutely. >> the outage began at 3:00
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a.m. and at its height more than 4000 people were in the dark, almost 15% of the town, at the high school it was all about waiting it out, but while the lights came on on the other two just in time for school there it was dark, 1100 kids went to school anyway although one parent said she is prepared to come back and get her son. >> that is fine if they do, i work in town so it is okay. >> still everyone from the children to the teachers to the principal took it in stride. >> i don't think it will be the best day but it will be fine. >> it will by ok. >> you put a jacket on and those on. >> uh-huh. >> so you are okay. >> yes. >> temperatures hovered right above freezing most of the morning. >>en the sierra foothills the
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weather is causing pg&e to staff extra crews. they are concerned about a repeat of a snowstorm 4 years ago that left thousands of people in the placerville area without power for days. they are stocking up buying everything from oil lamps to shovels. >> i have actually decided to test some new equipment i have for camping so i have set up my tents and will sleep in this i snow and make sure it works. >> drivers are being urged to slow down and be cautious of icy roads and black ice. of course check frequently with for weather updates including alerts and warnings and a forecast for your neighborhood and will post information on face book and twitter. an amber alert is still in effect for a missing teenager from washington state. 14-year-old elizabeth romero was last seen leaving her school there. police say video shows her
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getting into the car with her boyfriend edward rosales and was last seen driving a car with temporary plates, investigators believe they could be headed to mexico and may drive through the bay area. >> boys are behind bars accused of gang raping the women. it happened at wildcat park last friday. the girls ages 14 and 17 passed out after drinking alcohol and when they awoke they realized they had been sexually assaulted, and they are being held there. a man said he was the victim of the knockout game there. he was attacked wednesday night. these show the cuts and bruises the suffered afternoon the man punched him several times. he says he wasn't robbed, just beat up. >> it was clear since he wanted nothing of mine, nothing that i
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owned you know that maybe that was -- that is what it felt like, it felt like i was trying to be knocked out. >> he said he was hit several times before his attacker ran away, the alameda county sheriff's office is now investigating this case and urging witnesses to step forward. >> a task force is being formed to investigate the crime at san jose state to ensure the school is a safe tolerant and welcoming community. he will oversee the new task force. police say four white students harassed their black roommate with racial slurs, they face misdemeanor hate crime and battery charges. bart is now considering charming more during peak hours, the bart board of directors yesterday directed its staff to study the impacts of righters paying more based on the time of day and also at bart's busiest stations. the so-called peak hour premium
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plan is already used in other cities, including washington, d.c. well, the san francisco 49ers have a big game this weekend with the seattle seahawks and lots of seahawks fans have already flown into the bay area, thousands of them are expected to go to sunday's game at the stick. the seattle fan club has even organized a big gathering tomorrow at peer 39. the team's loud so-called 12th man has been legendary at the seahawks home games so the niners are trying to give their fans a bust at home as well. they sent out a how to fan guide to the faithful, a 3 part plan to give the seahawks fans a taste of their own medicine. >> we will show them what it is like to have a true championship and support them and it is nice to be loud and everything but you have to be more than that so this is a good lesson for the seattle
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seahawks fans. >> the seahawks won the last time they played there. it is important as they try to keep their play off hopes alive. if you are going expect extra security, the game is sold out and with passions running high police are making sure they don't get out of hand. officers are targeting unruly fans, of course you can watch the game right here, kickoff at 1:25 on sunday afternoon. the game followed by fox's post game show. and, of course stay tuned right after that on ktvu for the point after. well the world is mourning the loss of former south african president nelson mandela and also celebrating his extraordinary life and achievements, emily schmidt on the tributes to the anti- apartheid leader. >> he made his last public appearance in 2010 when south africa hosted the world cup. but though he has been away from the public eye it has done nothing to diminish his place in the public heart and the
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tributes are rolling in today. there is silence on the first full day of mourning nelson mandela. there are growing tributes and there are words trying to express it all. >> madib's long walk to freedom gave courage and dignity to that. >> he just kept doing that. >> he spent years fighting apartheid there, 27 of those were spent in prison. he was often referred to as mandibba, he was 71 when he was released from prison. he gave this speech. >> we should all work together
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to further this country. >> there will be 10 official days of mourning, including a day of prayer, a memorial service and a funeral for the man who said when he turned 90 he had lived a life of no regrets. >> i don't regret it because the things that attracted me were things that pleased my soul. >> white house press secretary jay carney said president obama and the first lady are planing to travel to south africa next week to pay their residents to the memory of nelson mandell a- however they say the details of the trip are still being worked out. in washington, i am emily schmidt. >> coming up san jose police say a quick acting security guard helped them arrest a driver accused of ramming into a police car and running away. also a controversial new decision today from the obama administration. we will tell you about the legislation that allows a national bird to be killed. we will be right back.
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welcome back to the ktvu news at noon and a missing teenager was found this morning in southern california and airlifted to safety by a los angeles sheriff's department helicopter. 19-year-old boric him got lost yesterday and had fall in down a ravine while hiking in the
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san gabriel mountains near pasadena. according to police kim was suicidal over a recent break up, she was alert however her condition is unknown. a san jose police officer is recovering after his squad car was rear ended this morning. the guy who hit him tried to run but thanks to a near by hotel security guard he is now in custody. janine de la vega tells us how it all unfolded. >> reporter: this san jose police car is out of commission now after being smashed up while waiting at a red light downtown. police say just before 6:00 a.m. the driver of this cadillac was traveling fast when the crashed into the patrol car. >> the suspect attempted to flee and was leaving the scene of that collision, the security guard saw this and apprehended him until police arrived to take him into custody. >> the suspect and male officer were taken to the hospital. that officer, who has 13 years with the force has moderate injuries. it is unknown why the driver was trying to run away, the cadillac hasn't been reported
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stolen but he wasn't the registered owner. police are praising the security guard here who stepped in to help, putting himself in harm's way. >> we are thankful he reacted quickly and those are people we want to take into custody, it is dangerous and when there is a collision you need to stay there and make sure the other driver is not injured. >> the manager said the security guard had been talking to the officer minutes before the crash, he was not injured and a second guard also helped detain him while they waited for officers. he is proud. >> not surprised at all. not surprised at all that they would not think about themselves and go about the right thing, just automatic for these folks. >> the intersection was closed while they investigated, the driver will be arrested for felony hit and run. >> we have new information in an animal abuse case that shocked people here in san francisco, today animal control released this new photo of the unidentified suspect. now we first told you about this case late last month. investigators say the man
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approached a homeless woman on peer 14 and tossed her belongings into the bay including two cats, one of them drowned and the other was never found. the man could face animal cruelty charges. the obama administration will protect wind farms that kill bald eagles. justin gray has this report. >> reporter: yeah, brian the bald eagle has made an incredible come back, its biggest risk comes from power cords according to experts, california leads the nation in deaths for them. today they announced now wind farms permits and permits are allowed, used to be killing a bald eagle was always a crime.
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they say it will allow for closer monitoring but critics say it now puts bald eagles off the endangered species list. >> we don't want to lose ground, we got to stay in there, we are their advocates, they can't advocate for themselves. >> they say they are not against wind farms but are concerned these don't go far enough to protect eagles. >> the price of a gallon of milk could jump to 7 dollars if congress does not pass a new farm bill because dairy subsidies which stabilize milk prices are set to expire on january 1st. while president obama is optimistic a deal can be reached, the republican controlled house and the democrat controlled senate remain at odds over parts of the farm bill especially cuts to the food stamp program. >> an opportunity for bipartisan cooperation on a comprehensive farm bill and he hopes and expects that that can
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be achieved before the end of the year. >> the price of milk is not the only item affected by the farm bill. all direy products, including butter, cheese and ice cream would also soar. >> turning cloudy this afternoon and by this evening scattered showers are in the forecast. giving you a live look over the bay. increasing clouds taking place as we speak. they are becoming a little thicker, a little darker and again by the evening hours we are looking at rain and some snow over our local hills by tomorrow morning. giving you a welcome here at storm tracker 2, picking up a few scattered showers here off the coast of ukia, so it is on the way, perhaps by 4:00 or so over lake county and then even a few scattered showers in the forecast as early as about 6:00 for us. i will show you that time line here in just a moment. for today the increasing clouds, temperatures in the 40s to low 50s. it is going to be another chilly day. as this front moves closer to
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the bay area the clouds again continuing to thicken up. the best part of the rain is going to come in the overnight hours, which is good news for us, while we sleep we will get some decent rain. heaviest between 8:00 tonight and 4:00 tomorrow morning and this low snow is expected as will, so snow levels dropping down to 2000 feet late tonight into early tomorrow morning. we could pick up a few inches of snow above 3000 feet or so down to 2500 feet. if you are traveling to the sierra, one to two feet of snow expected above 7000 feet and for the sierra foothills several inches expected as well, but the advisory starts then and last until tomorrow. i will slide you into the evening tomorrow and into tomorrow. notice again snow in those
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areas. as we get going at this hour still mainly dry with the rain to the north of us but by 4:00 or so seeming some slide into lake county, showers popping up over the bay area into 6:00 more widespread and then continues into the evening hours. notice this shade of pink here. a rain snow mix over the diablo range early tomorrow morning will move through quickly and drying out saturday, so saturday will be dry with scattered showers but again a decent amount of rain and snow to local hills. afternoon highs today upper 40s to near 50 degrees. the exfinded forecast with your bay area weekend always in view so perhaps foggy as we get going tomorrow morning but dry for the majority of the day and once we dry out we turn cold again, 40s to near 50 for saturday and sunday, slightly warmer monday and tuesday. >> it is cold. >> it is chilly. i have my winter coat for sure. >> i do too.
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thank you. >> you are welcome. >> california's high speed rail authority says the 68 billion dollar project still on track. the state still plans to break ground on the first construction segment as early as next month. the authority says the state will try to sale bonds and recent court rulings are serious set backs although supporters deny that. new services to help them navigate the store, that is coming up and the largest jackpot of all time coming up, how much it is going to be worth. did you get chips for the party? nope.
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well it has certainly been a good friday for stocks, big reason the jobs report came out saying the u.s. added 230 jobs 230,000 jobs and that is creating confidence. stocks are up this afternoon. today apple is launching its i beacon to help you find your way around stores, it is available in all those stores there and the information is based on what you are in the store. the jackpot has 297 million dollars up for grabs in tonight's drawing, the biggest mega jackpot since march of last year and the 9th largest
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of all time. we found people lining up this morning for a chance at it. the jackpot was increased after the last drawing and could get higher before tonight's drawing. >> probably over 300 million, it is long and it is going to keep climbing. >> but you got to play to win. in recent years they have sold 5 winning lottery tickets, which is the most for any in northern california. we got a sneak peak at the new train. cal train showed off its brightly lit train at the station it is decorated with 60,000 lights and will stop at nine stations between san francisco and santa clara, santa, mrs. claus and their friends will be at each station as well and the salvation army will be there to collect toys for bay area kids, the journey begins in san francisco at 4:00 on both saturday and sunday. coming up today at 5:00
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changes to airport security just in time for the holiday travel season we find out why some travelers are being allowed to skip some of the precautions including taking off their shoes before going through security. of course, we thank you for making ktvu news your choice for news, we will see you the next time news breaks and of course we are always here on and you can also follow us on facebook and twitter. have a good friday. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc. [woman] you wrapped the...
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